Aussie Shopper Bot

Some people consume the fantastic deals at OzBargain via the RSS feed. I wrote a telegram bot that notifies me of the latest bargains according to my interests. For example, I’m in the market for new earphones so I add that as an interest and my slave…err I mean bot notifies me when he/she notices a deal on earphones.

I wrote it because I needed it and as part of a bigger hobby project that I will announce when it matures a bit more. Add aussieshopperbot on telegram if you’d like to play around.

Your added interests are matched with the titles and description of the deals that ozbargain gets. Currently, it only matches words or terms so not particularly smart but something i am hoping i can change soon.

The project is mostly the bot working in the background but I’ve set up a page to showcase some statistics that I collect at

Money Tracker

A personal finance manager which evolved from a simple text file that turned into a spreadsheet. I wanted a way to track my expenses and went from there to build this service that shows me how I am spending my money.