Date of completion: 01/Jan/2012

Short description: Worldwide Visionaries is an interactive community for a newly emerging generation of visionaries to share projects and ideas that provide solutions to the interconnected challenges we face in our world today.

Date of completion: 6/1/2007

Short description: A prototype that aims to commercialize a research project that uses input devices to revolutionize the education process for medical students and practitioners in a specific niche. The prototype, along with a market study, will be used as a feasibility indicator of starting a company around the product.

Date of completion: 8/1/2008

Short description: College Wikis is a website that you and your classmates can use as the ultimate information source for any questions you have.

Date of completion: 11/1/2008

Short description: RetailMeNot firefox extension.

Date of completion: 9/1/2012

Short description: A research project for the detection and prevention of forest fires using wireless sensors.

Date of completion: 3/1/2007

Short description: A project to help with research on learning methods.