On being funny

I just heard about a project that uses WhatsUp, which is sort of an uptime server or network monitoring service. I couldn’t help but imagine how the SMS alerts would go.“You wanna know what’s up? Not your server that’s what’s up.” Weak, i know…Some more meaty posts on the way.

First of April

Tomorrow is the first of April…i had actually forgotten about that if it weren’t for the news interviewing a sample of people about lying. The strange thing is that most people not only admitted to lying constantly, but also remarked that it is a necessity in this world. And also boldly claimed that “you have […]

Resolution #3 fulfilled

My birthday was uneventful this time(it was in October). Partly because it wasn’t the best of times for a celebration and partly because i had a lot on my mind. So like every year, i decided on some new year’s resolutions. I make mine on my birthday so it is my new year and not […]

Funny TV Ad

I just saw a TV for a new Gilette product…apparently this shaving foam forms an “invisible” layer that offer protection from first blade stroke till the last… Yeah right….like I’m gonna buy something that offers an invisible layer of protection…why not just sell me an empty canister and tell me that this the new “invisible” […]

Can you say Work-a-holic?

So its 2:16 am and i just finished work on one project and decided to do a little research on the other one instead of going to sleep. And suddenly i remembered that i have neglected this blog for far too long. Sorry about that. Let me show you why my blog work has been […]

Ubuntu IRC Channels 40mins after Release

I actually forgot that i took these screenshots a few weeks ago. Been a little busy with work. In case you don’t know what these are, these are screenshots of both ubuntu channels 40mins after Gutsy was released. Take a look at the numbers, one is 1541 and the other is 631 users. I’ve also […]

New and Updated Content

Its not all bad news these days, i updated and added some content to the website. – I modified the TaskIt application and did some refactoring of the code. Ofcourse that won’t matter to the user, so i also added in a modifier flag(that little star that you see near the title when you modify […]

Previous Hosting Problems

Suffering from coders’ block and feeling a little down(probably an oncoming cold), i thought I’d write a little. These past few days, there has been no less than 4 people who came to our house all sick and germ-y. And suddenly i turned into Mr. popular where everybody wants to talk to me and hug […]

Change of Host

I have finally changed my hosting provider. I went from RailsPlayground to Webfaction. I did a stupid mistake of canceling my account before the DNS has fully propagated….stupid…stupid…stupid. Ok, well anyway. There was some disruption in the service that oddly enough not everybody had. And then i had problems with the way Webfaction addresses the […]